Sunday, October 11, 2009

Book Review

Nathaniel Mish
Mr. B-G
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First Quarter Outside Reading Book Review
Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton. Avon Books, 1969 Genre: Fiction

In Andromeda Strain a satellite crashes down in a small town named Piedmont, Arizona. The residents of the town open the satellite and inadvertently release a deadly virus. Now the best minded scientists have to cure this virus, they discover this virus is like nothing they’ve ever seen, or studied. Its spreading fast and they have to rush to stop it. The leader Jeremy Stone is a very intelligent scientist that has won multiple medals for his finding.

“One of the great storytellers of our age… Gripping… edifying… what an amazing imagination” quoted from the Orlando Sentinel.

I personally loved this book. Michael Crichton is an amazing author. He writes with such detail, such emotion you feel like you’re in the book. When I read this book I actually felt like this was actually happening, I almost got a sense of fear because I felt like this was happening in real life. This book was written with great detail, the action in it is gripping. I read it all night because I just couldn’t put the book down. Michael Crichton uses a lot of sophisticated words and concepts but he puts it in a way that its easy to understand.

Michael Crichton also wrote “Jurassic Park” which is also a very well selling book and was made into a movie. All of his work is detailed and puts you into the place of the characters. His writing style is very appealing and it draws you into the book.

“All these projects were highly theoretical, and all were staffed by prestigious scientists. Admission to the ARPL (Advanced Research Projects List) was a mark of considerable status, and it ensured future funds for implementation and development.” (50)

In my opinion Michael Crichton is one of the best writers I’ve read. He keeps you into the story with constant action and holds his grip on you with interested vocabulary. This book relates to one of my favorite subjects: science. That’s most likely why I love it so much but it was written in such a great way. When it got into the technical wording and science terms you still were interested because it explained what was happening so you felt like you were learning while reading the book. I would give to two thumbs up. The worst part of it is when the book ends and there’s nothing left to read. I myself had to watch the 2 part series of the Andromeda Strain. That completely brought this to life. I also checked out the website this made the series come alive.

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  1. hey mish its kevin. i think that you did a very nice job with your review. you were very descriptive about not only the book but the author to.

    the only problem that i thought there was was that you wrote to much about the author and not enough about the book itself.