Sunday, October 11, 2009

Book Review Project(school recommendation)

Nathaniel Mish
Mr. B-G
Block E
7. School counselor’s recommendation letter

Dear Dean of Administration,
Jeremy Stone is a very intelligent individual. I believe he would be an excellent addition to your college. He’s very committed to his study of science and has a brilliant mind. He’s a straight A student and is very mature. He asks lots of questions and sometimes asks questions that baffle the teachers. He’s extremely independent and he doesn’t fool around. He takes his studying very seriously. He doesn’t do anything crazy; he’s never missed a class or been late. Neither has he missed homework. When he puts his mind to one thing he is dedicated to it he will finish it at all costs. He thinks out of the box and is capable to solve extremely difficult problems. He tends to be able to solve problems that even our teachers can’t solve. We hope that in college he can learn because we feel like he absorbs the information we teach so fast there’s almost no point. I believe that he will be challenged in college and he will put his best effort into his studies. He is dedicated to science and he is extremely well-suited for college. He’s a great student and he is very good at multitasking. I believe that he will be a very great addition and he will impress you and your administrators.

Counselor Mish

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